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Hermitage of Poggio Conte

Half an hour’s walk (about 2.2 km), in a path that runs along the river Fiora, will take you to an enchanted and mystical place in the muffled silence of the wood. opens A small amphitheater opens at the end of the path, surrounded by tufaceous walls and a dense vegetation all around . Along one of the walls, two large, oval-shaped dark rocks form the natural path of a small waterfall. On another wall a door in the shape of a keyhole opens giving access to the small room of the hermitage. The rays of the sun, filtering from the circular opening at the top, allow you to admire what remains of the interior decorations and the altar also carved in the tuff. The hermitage was probably built around the year 1000 a.C. with embellishments made over the next two centuries. Inside are pagan and Christian effigies and decorations. To visit!

On the provincial road that from Manciano leads to Farnese.
GPS DD 42.511066 , 11.625815

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