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I’m a fineart italian photographer (street, scapes, travel), born in Rome, where I live. Photography is one of my great passions. My goal is a continuos research to improve skills & expertise. I love to freeze life moments causing emotions.

Usually I shoot my photographs in RAW format and the digital enhancing is my own production. I believe RAW format allows digital photography to share a very similar workflow to the previous analogue films. RAW format, as negative films, is the starting point of creative process of digital enhancing. I use editing software to adjust contrast, saturation, sharpness and color balancing to equalize the general tones of an image without compromising the tonal ratio between colours as they appeared in the original scene. On the contrary I never alter pixels of image, no replacing or cloning operations are done on the image. Moreover I never use tools to manage the color hue which results in artificial relationships beetween the original colors. That’s my vision of photography post-production process in the third millenium.

Roberto Bettacchi photography is available as high quality photo prints, canvas and books
Prints are available on RedBubble and FineArtAmerica websites
Books are avaliable in the BOOKS section